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Service portfolio

Service portfolio

Therapy services

Care provided by specialised physicians:

Neuropsychological therapy

  • Computer-assisted training of attention and visual information processing
  • Memory training and action planning


  • Behaviour therapy aimed to improve social competence
  • Behavioural and systemic-based psychotherapy
  • Person-centred therapy/talk psychotherapy or systemic support in coping with the illness (coping strategies)
  • Crisis intervention

Rehabilitative nursing

  • Intensive medical nursing
  • Encouragement/motivation of patient to become independent in self-care
  • Achievement of specific nursing goals in everyday nursing care situations

Social-pedagogical care

  • Training of social skills and in performing activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Care of patients with behavioural problems
  • Group activities aimed to help patients learn how to cope with illness
  • Leisure time activities and supervision
  • Animal-assisted educational therapy

Speech and language therapy

  • Therapies for language, motor speech and swallowing disorders
  • Treatment of language development disorders
  • Facio-oral therapy and management of feeding and swallowing difficulties and disorders (dysphagias)
  • Provision of and instruction in using communication-support devices
  • Intensive training for aphasic patients, e.g. Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT) and Intensive Speech Training for Aphasic Children (ISKA)

Ergotherapy (occupational therapy)

  • Functional motor activity training for pareses, movement and co-ordination disorders
  • Assistance with and training in activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Sensory integration (SI) treatment to promote development of visual/perceptual skills
  • Neuropsychologically-oriented perception training
  • Handwriting training
  • Group-based activities to help patients learn and practice everyday activities

Music therapy (for the treatment of:)

  • Motivation and awareness dysfunctions
  • Sensorimotor disorders
  • Pain and muscular tension
  • Perceptual disorders
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Psychosocial difficulties

Art workshop

  • Activities to increase motivation, improve coping with illness and promote creative and artistic talents
  • ”Closlieu” painting atelier for accompanied painting
  • Art projects (also in public settings)


  • Functional movement exercises for the treatment of pareses and altered muscle tone
  • Diagnostic testing and treatment of motor development disorders
  • Locomotive therapy and training with the mechanical gait-trainer ”LokoHelp”
  • Serial casting to reduce muscle tone
  • Provision and assistance in use of ortheses, prostheses and adaptive devices/equipment
  • Functional therapy for (accompanying) orthopaedic disorders
  • Repetitive, task-oriented training of hand and arm movement functions, also in combination with ”forced-use” conditions
  • Psychomotor training/Wheelchair training/Galileo vibration therapy

Additional therapies

  • Massages/Lymph drainage/Therapeutic baths
  • Foot reflex zone therapy/Electrotherapy/Inhalation therapy


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