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Service portfolio

At school, on the job and in the community

Vocational rehabilitation

  • Medical services:
    - General work training (not job-specific)
    - Evaluation of abilities and stamina needed for specific vocations
    - Work therapy
  • Pre-vocational preparation:
    - Selection of appropriate vocations
    - Trial work periods in specific vocational areas
    - Vocational training programs (Berufsvorbereitende Maßnahmen, BvB)
    - Preparation for employment in special facilities for the physically challenged

Pedagogically supervised activities and excursions

  • Creative/artistic group projects
  • Athletic activities (e.g., swimming, bowling, table tennis, table soccer)
  • Own indoor swimming pool on premises, athletic field, gymnasium and volleyball court
  • Recreation club with various games, rock concerts, disco
  • Film presentations
  • Internet café

Social services/rehabilitation counselling

  • Support in social/legal matters
  • Counselling in school-related matters, assistance in vocational planning and retraining
  • Organisation of regular consultations with employment and vocational advisors as well as employment agencies, including follow-up
  • Co-ordination of vocational training programs, assistance in vocational selection and in securing on-the-job training positions, and accompaniment of patient during these activities
  • Co-operation with authorities and other institutions or organisations providing further care/supervision after rehabilitation
  • Co-ordination of transition from hospital to home after discharge
  • Post-discharge counselling and care

Counselling for parents and relatives

  • Regular group conversations
  • Parents’ café and breakfasts
  • Athletic and fitness activities
  • Excursions
  • Creative projects
  • Library
  • Relaxation offerings

Educational services at our on-site school (Wilhelm-Bläsig-Schule)

  • One-to-one or small-group instruction
  • Remedial instruction in basic academic subjects (reading, writing, mathematics) in special groups according to individual needs
  • Instruction also for patients with serious physical disabilities
  • Group instruction at all school levels (primary school, high school, etc.) in all basic subjects, according to age and ability
  • Special group tutoring in German and mathematics for patients with occupationally-related training needs
  • Nursery school and kindergarten for physically and mentally challenged children
  • Provision of and training in the use of communication-assisting devices (”assisted communication”)
  • School-related follow-up


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78262 Gailingen/Germany
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