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Admission to the Hegau-Jugendwerk

Admission to the Hegau-Jugendwerk depends on the type and the date of occurrence of the patient’s injury or onset of illness, his/her current condition, and the special goals to be achieved in the respective rehabilitation units. We offer a full spectrum of diagnostic and ther-apeutic services. This allows us to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive and continuous rehabilitative care, from the time they are discharged from hospitals providing acute patient care up until they are reintegrated into community
education, occupational and social areas of life.

Thus, the important features of the Rehabilitation Centre include the on-site, state-accredited school (Wilhelm-Bläsig-Schule) and the department for occupational and vocational therapy.

We admit children, adolescents and young adults. Patients requiring daytime care are also admitted.

The Hegau-Jugendwerk offers parents or relatives the possibility to reside on-site with their in-patient children. Additional accommodations for parents are also available on the premises.

Children up to the age of about 15 years reside in family-like groups in the specially designed ”Children’s House”, which is suited to the special needs of this age group.

Health care coverage

The Hegau-Jugendwerk GmbH meets the standards and requirements for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Germany (as specified by the SGB V, §107). Coverage of medical and hospital costs is regulated by contractual agreements with various funders:

  • Health insurance companies
  • Pension companies
  • Accident and disability insurance providers
  • German Federal Employment Agency
  • State welfare agencies
  • Private resources

Contact to the departement of admission

Phone: +49 (0)7734/939-220
              +49 (0)7734/939-221
Fax:       +49 (0)7734/939-206


Formular for registration

Here you can find the formular for registration (german version)


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